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Remembering loved ones who have passed on or honoring folks we love is a major value for the parish. So much so that individual parishioners sponsor Pancake Breakfasts from September to May and iinvite the entire parish for a free breakfast.  Parishioners also donate the Easter lilies and  poinsettias for decorating the sanctuary at Easter and Christmas.  Labels are placed on each plant with the names of the folks they are honoring.

What Are Our Core Values? 

We value and respect each person. Our larger ethnic communiites  may have family nights and invite the entire parish. If there is a Native mass, then the entire parish is invited to the parish hall to join in feasting after the service.   We are working toward each parishioner having an ownership in the parish. We believe that all are welcome and also that all are needed.

Prayer is  one of our core values too, while that might seem odd for a parish to say, one will find many names of our sick and dying in the bulletin every Sunday. Then too,  there is a "Book of Intentions" near the west entrance of the sanctuary, here parishioners place their requests for prayer, and also thanksgiving for answered prayers. The first Friday of every month anointing of the sick is offered at the morning mass, and following every Saturday evening and Sunday liturgy folks who wish to are invited to come forth for the  anointing of the sick.  The entire community then sings... "May the blessing of the Lord be upon you, the blessing of the Father and the Son, and may the Spirit of God, the Spirit of God, be with you all your days.”

There is an Hispanic Prayer group, devotions to Our Lady of Perpetual Help, The Divine Mercy Chaplet and adoration of the blessed sacrament.

Many men in the parish are also active members in the Knights Of Columbus and women  parishioners active in the Catholic Daughters. Our Knights do a pancake breakfast the third Sunday of each month from September - May and the Catholic Daughters just did a funeral reception and are offering St. Theresa Camp Scholarships.  The Catholic Daughters website, in case you might be interested:

Who are we at St. Anthony's?

St. Anthony's is a  vibrant Roman Catholic parish. We are located in  the most culturally diverse neighborhood in the United States.  Many of our parishioners come from North and South Mountain View, some of the highest density  and economically disadvantaged  neighborhoods in Anchorage. We are of many cultures, with the larger groups holding monthly liturgies reflecting the Samoan, Filipino and Alaska Native cultures.

Our mission:

Our mission is to express faith in action, be welcoming,  celebrate diversity, and be alive in prayer and worship!

What Do We Teach?

We are a Roman Catholic parish in the Archdiocese of Anchorage. We profess the good news of redemption through Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, as expressed through our Catholic tradition. The word "catholic" means "universal", because we believe the Gospel is for all people. We respect and celebrate all cultures and we stand united as One Body in Christ. We have a Faith Formation program that includes children, youth and  adults, as well as programs for persons interested in learning more about teachings of the Catholic Church. If one has been away from the church, or want to have a child baptized we can assist you.

We are fortunate also to have The Little Sisters of Jesus and the Daughters of Charity visible in our parish, teaching by example the great value of becoming a religious. Our pastor also sets an example by inviting everyone, following every daily mass, to join him for coffee in the parish hall.

​We also are of Hispanic, Irish, German, Chinese, Sudanese, French  Guamian, Nigerian and Ugandan and  many more ethnicities.

The food at potlucks and picnics and other celebrations and the cultural attire and performances give a flavor unique to St. Anthony's.  Most all feel welcome and at home with us.

A hallmark of St. Anthony’s has been the educating, mentoring and nurturing of ministries and leaders, with many of its ministries growing to be Archdiocesan wide.

​​​​​​​​​​​All Are ​Welcome