We wish to acknowledge  Helen Liston.      the artist of this drawing of St. Anthony's.     Helen donated  this in the late 1960's and  the parish still uses this image on its letterhead. helen liston.pdf 

 Associate Pastors

1959 Father Arnold Custer
1961 Father Joseph Shirey S.J.
1968  Father Cleary
1968 Father Edward J. Sterling C.S.Sp.
1969 Father Bartholomew Egan C.S.Sp.
1969 Father Francis J. Fish 
1970 Father Gerard T. Ryan C.S.Sp.

1971 Father Wiliam Clery C.ss.R..
1972  Father Carl Able and his Wirehaired Terrier become part of St. Anthony's and was followed by Associate Pastor Father Michael Hornick, the first priest ordained for the Archdiocese of Anchorage.
1976 Father Thomas P. Gillissie

1977 Father Anthony Carroll 

1978 Father Froilan Mantes

1979 Father Michael Shields
1979 Father Charles Crouse
1981 Father Robert Lilly, Maryknoll priest, was with us for 6 months compiling a Korean Directory and assisting in the sacramental preparation of the Korean Community.
1984 Father John Ouper
1987 Father LaSalle Hallissy
1989 Father Alfred J. Fisher .
1989 Father Charles Crouse
1996 Father Fred Bugarin,  A week after his appointment, Father Fred was reassigned to Kodiak, possibly holding the distinction of having the shortest tenure as Associate Pastor at St. Anthony’s.
1996, Father Leo Walsh
1999  Father Paul Rajareegram

1999  Father Balaswamy Gangarapu

2001  Father Nelson Marilag
2006  Father Eric Wiseman​​ Parochial Vicar
Parts of 2008 and 2009 we welcomed Father Ben Toritto, on loan from Cotabto, Philippines who along with Father Donation covered St. Anthony  so Father Bugarin could take a sabbatical.

2015  Fr. Andrew Bellisario, CM.  Parochial Vicar.   Father “Andy” would leave us a short six months later to become pastor of Our Lady of Guadalupe and be named Bishop of Juneau in 2017.

Apostolic Administrator  for the Archdiocese of Anchorage in 2019 and Archbishop of the newly formed Archdiocese of Anchorage- Juneal on September 19, 2020.

You will find parish history  by clicking the blue links.  Not everyone will want to read all of this, that we understand, for those that do we welcome you to a journey that will help you see how our one parish has impacted the growth of the Archdiocese of Anchorage.

​​​​​​Our parish community is celebrating our 60th anniversary in 2017

 The first mass was celebrated in St. Anthony Parish on November 17, 1957.


Our 1st pastor was Father Robert Whelan S.J. 1957 - February 1968.

Monsignor Francis A Cowgill  became our 2nd pastor February 16th 1968 and served St. Anthony until his death on October 20th, 2000.

Upon Monsignors death Deacon Ted Greene became Pastoral Administrator, &

Father Steven Moore, Vicar General became the canonical pastor of St. Anthony.

Father James Wynne O.M.I. was then appointed pastor and served about a year.

​In March 2003  Father Fernando T. Bugarin  was assigned as Pastor and served until October 2015.

​Our current pastor Father Vincent Blanco came to us in October 2015 and continues to serve us.

Ministries continue

Pictured  Confirmation, Outreach, Eucharistic Ministry, Choir,  Faith Formation and AFACT,  Decorating for  Christmas, Gift Bearers, Bonnie Cler Pastoral Associate, Food collected for St. Francis House (this was collecting 2000 cans  in the year 2000) and the bottom picture is some of St. Anthony parishioners on exchange in Cotabato in the Phillipines.

The statue of St. Theresa was donated in late 1968, by parishioner Theresa James.

​​​​​​​​​​​All Are ​Welcome

St. Anthony Parish History ©2018

Many priests, deacons, sisters and faithful parishioners have been part and parcel of St. Anthony's and through their efforts St. Anthony has grown.  So much so that  four new parish communities have sprung from St. Anthony's.

St. Andrews serving Eagle River, Chugiak, and Birchwood.

St. Patrick’s serving all those living east of Boniface.

Holy Cross serving those south of Dowling Road.

Most recently, in 2007, the Korean community, nurtured at St. Anthony for some 26 years, now have their own Church, St Andrew Kim along with a parish community of over 150 families, on corner of 72nd and Lake Otis.

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1969 Sr. Arlene Boyd RSM

1972  Sister Patricia Fairfield RSM
1978  Sister Patricia Collins RSM

1981 Sister Karen YeshSMAH
1986  Sister Peggy Ramsden FSCC
1994 The Little Sisters of Jesus became a visible presence by attending and by ministering to those most in need.   

1999 The Daughters of Charity began attending and ministering to groups within the parish.
1999 Sr. Donna Kramer DC

1990 and 2000's Sr. Kathleen O'Hara RSM

2005 ​Sister Kathleen Powers DC

Deacons from St. Anthony's

Deacon Dennis Foreman
Deacon Ted Greene
Deacon Jerry Grewe RIP

Deacon Bob Froehle

in the final year before  his ordination
Father Patrick Brosamer served the parish